Emoticons for Twitter

Twitter supports over 1000 emoji, such as emoticons, smileys, animals, love icons and country flags. Twitter emoticons are compatible with all computers and smartphones and you donโ€™t need to install anything to use them.

How do I use the smileys in Twitter?

Each emoji for Twitter is represented by a code. To use our Twitter smileys, just click on the following emoticons and copy ๐ŸŽƒ the code (Ctrl+C), then paste it (Ctrl+V) in your tweet. Twitter will convert this emoji into colorful icon once you post it.

The most-used emoticons on Twitter

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Smiling face with open mouth Smiling face with tightly-closed eyes Smiling face with smiling eyes Winking face Smiling face with sunglasses Face with tightly-closed eyes Winking face with stuck-out tongue Face with stuck-out tongue Face savouring delicious food Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes Face throwing a kiss Emoticon with tears of joy Smiling face with halo Hushed face Dizzy face Neutral face Confused face Anguished face Pouting face Unamused face Angry face Face with look of triumph Weary emoji for Facebook Loudly crying face See-no-evil monkey Speak-no-evil monkey Hear-no-evil monkey Pile of poo Imp Smiling face with horns Extraterrestrial alien Skull emoji Ghost Jack-o-lantern Father christmas Person with folded hands Thumbs down sign Thumbs up sign Fisted hand sign Ok hand sign Victory hand Waving hand sign White up pointing backhand index White down pointing backhand index White left pointing backhand index White right pointing backhand index Flexed biceps Clapping hands sign Purple heart Yellow heart Heavy black heart Blue heart Green heart Growing heart Two hearts Broken heart Revolving hearts Beating heart Sparkling heart Heart with ribbon Heart with arrow Love letter Kiss mark High voltage sign Glowing star Dizzy symbol White medium star Sun with face Fire Snowflake Snowman without snow Umbrella with rain drops Wolf face Mouse face Dog face Bear face Frog face Dragon face Pig smiley fot Twitter Cow face Monkey face Panda face Elephant Front-facing baby chick Penguin Ant Dolphin Tulip Rose Hibiscus Four leaf clover Sunflower Maple leaf Mushroom Palm tree Christmas tree Beer mug Cocktail glass Tropical drink Wine glass Fork and knife Slice of pizza Hamburger French fries Poultry leg Sushi Bread Doughnut Ice cream Birthday cake Lollipop Red apple Tangerine Lemon Cherries Watermelon Strawberry Banana Pineapple Tomato Wrapped present Balloon Bell Camera Mobile phone Television Electric light bulb Smoking symbol Pistol Bomb Money bag Banknote with dollar sign Envelope Open book Pencil Microphone Headphone Multiple musical notes American football Basketball and hoop Soccer ball Baseball Chequered flag Trophy Squared ok Squared new Squared up with exclamation mark Squared cool Squared free Water closet Squared sos Negative squared cross mark White heavy check mark Squared vs No smoking symbol No one under eighteen symbol Cross mark Double exclamation mark Exclamation question mark Heavy exclamation mark symbol Black question mark ornament No entry sign No entry Warning sign Heavy dollar sign Copyright sign Registered sign Trade mark sign

Browser Extension for Twitter

You can download our free extension for Google Chrome and you will have quicker and easier access to all emoticons in Twitter. After installation you will see displayed a small icon in all tweet boxes. When you click on it, you will see all emojis.

chrome extension with emoticons for twitter
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